Couples counseling

Couples counseling

… when your partner seems distant
… when you seem to have nothing in common anymore
… when your communication seems to get stuck
… if you have thought about divorce

Time to time when facing challenges in everyday life couples’ communication gets stuck. The feeling of loneliness can be part of such a situation. When the relationship seems to be going downhill it can be advisable to get professional support.

In couples counseling we look at your relationship from both partner’s sides starting with the very beginning of your relationship. During the counseling you both will have space to communicate your feelings and hopes, which will make it easier for yourselves to understand your own needs.

The aim of couples counseling is to learn to listen and understand each other as well as train your skills to express yourself. Couples counseling will also help you to set clear relationship goals.

Solmuja parisuhteessa® – couples counseling (Knots in relationship)

Solmuja parisuhteessa® -couples counseling was developed by Kataja ry. This couples counseling method relies on 8 to 10 appointments during which the couple focuses on the history, present and future of their relationship. The angle of view varies from one appointment to other. Together these angles build a baseline which can be used as a solid ground when solving the problem.

Solmuja parisuhteessa® -couples counseling requires engaged will to work between the appointments, too. There is material to read as well as homework to do regarding the subject of the appointments. Some of the exercises are made individually, some together as a couple.

Solmuja parisuhteessa® -couples counseling stresses the importance of the clear communication. Therefore improving these skills will be the main focus of the couples counseling.

Solmuja parisuhteessa® -group counseling

The content of the Solmuja parisuhteessa® -group counseling is very similar to the Solmuja parisuhteessa® -couples counseling. The size of the groups is limited to four couples. The appointments also include group exercises.

The group counseling requires a presence of two to this method trained counselors.

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