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Divorce recovery support group in Helsinki – peer support in difficult times

In a divorce recovery group in Helsinki, you can get invaluable peer support for post-divorce healing. In the safe atmosphere of a break-up group, we work through the issues, feelings and events surrounding the break-up. This increases understanding of the factors leading to the separation and makes it easier to start or continue a new phase in your life.

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Divorce brings us one of the biggest changes in our lives. Divorce shakes the foundations of life for the worst and from this rubble we need to build a new beginning. Reorganising everyday life, dividing common property and arranging and organising shared parenting can be challenging for a long time. Not only the partner will be left behind, but also some friendships can fall apart. This often happens, especially with mutual friends. In the midst of all the changes, it is difficult to give yourself time to work through the separation. Thoughts often spiral into a cycle of anger, resentment and bitterness. The person who was once the most important person for me no longer belongs to my life. Why?

“Participation in the separation group is certainly worthwhile for everyone. Certainly, it also requires a lot of work and introspection. There was a deep trust and good atmosphere in the group. I got peer support, more understanding and new tools to deal with the past and the future. As the seminar progressed, I rediscovered new lightness in my life. Now I can look optimistically into the future.”

The divorce process takes a lot out of us. It is important to give oneself time to grieve the sadness triggered by the break-up and to release the anger and resentment that it has stirred up. Friends, whether or not they have experienced the break-up themselves, often do not have the time and patience to give you the support you need. In addition, well-meaning advices from friends to get active in finding a new partner can feel distressing. A divorce group gives you space to work through all your feelings and thoughts about the divorce.

Divorce recovery group – a journey to yourself

Coping with a breakup could be seen as a journey where you learn a lot about yourself. Working through the emotions associated with separation will undoubtedly lead to a better sense of self-worth and self-esteem. On this journey, you will find invaluable peer support from others who are facing the same issues.

A divorce group is a right choice for you when

  • your relationship has ended
  • you are thinking about a divorce
  • you have just been divorced
  • you have been divorced long time ago
  • you are struggling with post-divorce grief
  • post-divorce resentment and bitterness is eating away at your mind
  • you feel like you can’t move on
  • it is difficult to face your ex (e.g. at family meetings)
  • it is challenging to come to an agreement with your ex about your children
  • you want to learn as much as possible about yourself through your break-up
  • you want to understand why you broke up

Suomalainen eroseminaari® (Finnish Divorce Seminar)

Suomalainen eroseminaari® is a supervised peer group that meets to discuss issues, feelings and events related to the divorce. Suomalainen eroseminaari® is based on a method created by American psychologist Bruce Fisher and developed by psychologist Kari Kiianmaa and relationship coach Marianna Stolbow to fit the Finnish as well as European divorce situation. During the group’s meetings, we go through the mechanisms that lead to divorce, the structures of the relationship and deal with the emotions associated with divorce: anger, sadness, fear and loneliness. Understanding these builds a good foundation for future life. Suomalainen eroseminaari® is an educational working model, so it is essentially based on the active involvement of the participant. During the meetings, the process of separation is worked through through discussions, lectures, small group work and functional exercises. The group work on separation focuses on identifying, confronting and resolving the feelings associated with the different stages of separation. Suomalainen eroseminaari® group proceeds according to a structured programme. The group meets once a week for three hours. The themes of the 11 meetings are:

  1. Make separation a learning experience
  2. Why did we split up?
  3. Free yourself from the anger
  4. The long road of grief
  5. You are important and unique individual
  6. Who controls your life?
  7. Openness and a working relationship
  8. Loneliness and relationships
  9. Love and new life
  10. Sex and sexuality
  11. How to help children in the midst of divorce?

The last session will focus on children in divorce and parenting after divorce. This evening’s programme will also focus on childlessness.

The seminar is open to anyone who has experienced or is considering divorce. Participants may be recently divorced, some may have been divorced 10 years ago, while others may still be contemplating divorce. All these stages are linked by the need to deal with issues related to divorce and to understand their own behaviour and needs. The divorce process is an individual experience, but each divorce and the way it is dealt with is an opportunity for a more integral new beginning.

For Suomalainen eroseminaari®, you will need either Bruce Fisher’s “Rebuilding – When your relationship ends” or Marianna Stolbow’s “Erosta eteenpäin”. The book of your choice must be purchased before the divorce seminar starts. Both books are available in bookstores and libraries and at

Payment and registration

The price of Suomalainen eroseminaari® is 390 EUR. It may be paid in three instalments of 130 EUR.
The fee includes 11 meetings, 3 hours at a time (33 hours in total), course material and evening tea.

The maximum group size is 12 participants. Registration by e-mail

Next groups starting

Suomalainen eroseminaari® starts in Turku on Tue 08.08.2023 at 17.15. Weekly meetings on Tuesdays from 17.15. Additionally there will be one meeting on Friday 06.10.2023. Last meeting Thu 10.10.2023 at 17.15.