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Relaxation in Turku – benefit for body and soul

The hectic pace of life and all the demands from various sources put a lot more strain on the mind and body today than, for example, before the millennium. This makes it even more important to maintain a healthy mind and body. Relaxation is a good tool for this. Relaxation training actively uses breathing, body sensations and imagery exercises, among other things. By combining these, we can experience in a very concrete way how the body relaxes the mind and the mind relaxes the body. Relaxation coaching Turku is good for your body, mind and soul.

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Relaxing the mind has a great impact on the sensations of the body. The autonomic and peripheral nervous systems are calmed by relaxation exercises. Blood pressure and heart rate decrease and blood vessels dilate. This also improves peripheral circulation. As a result, the tissues receive more nutrients and oxygen. The body feels better and its own resistance improves. Relaxation reduces the secretion of stress hormones and at the same time increases the secretion of pleasure hormones. Relaxation exercises can unlock locked muscles in the body, especially when muscle tension is caused by stress, anxiety or fear.

“As a retiree, I enjoy Jaana’s relaxation training as an oasis of calm in the midst of everyday life. These sessions have allowed me to feel that these moments were just for me. The weekly relaxation sessions have brought me a sense of security (for example, for dental anxiety) and given me strength for today and tomorrow.”

In addition to the positive effects on the body, relaxation also has many benefits on the mind. Relaxation helps to relieve stress. When we relax and calm our minds, our alertness level increases and we can better focus on what is important. Relaxation also helps us to hear and recognise our own feelings and thoughts. We are better able to observe ourselves and thus develop self-awareness. In particular, we can use relaxation exercises to alleviate emotions that we find difficult or challenging, such as fear, anxiety, uncertainty and unease.

Relaxation training with lots of benefits

“I had the pleasure of being in Jaana’s relaxation training at a very challenging time in my life, when our company was undergoing redundancy negotiations. Already after the first session my sleep improved. With each session, my confidence in the future grew and I could see my situation more clearly. Through relaxation training, I was immediately able to calm my mind, which had a surprisingly strong effect on my whole body, with fewer overstimulations, less tingling and my breathing got more even.

Best of all, I was able to let go of everything for a moment and trust Jaana’s expertise. I could just be, clear my head and get up relieved to get on with the day.”

Relaxation training brings relief from stress management, tension (e.g. performance anxiety), anxiety, self-esteem issues, grief and other individual challenges. Relaxation training helps to rediscover motivation, improves sleep quality, helps to find inner balance and increases self-confidence.

You can take part in the relaxation training in face-to-face meetings in Helsinki and Turku or remotely online. I offer relaxation training as a group training as well as private session with individual topics such as stress management, anxiety, building self-confidence, insomnia etc.