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Here you will find information regarding my therapy and consultation services for personal conflicts and crises.

In the course of our life, every now and then we might find ourselves in a situation where we feel like nothing is the way it used to be. These situations can have many different triggers, for instance: relationship crisis, divorce, harassment at work, notice of termination of work contract, problems in integration in new environment, diagnosis of a serious disease and death of a close person, to mention some of them. To cope with such a situation it can be advisable to get professional support.

I offer support for my clients via individual, group as well as couples counseling.


… when you are coping with personal conflicts and crises e.g. relationship crisis, midlife-crisis, divorce
… when you suffer from anxiety
… when you suffer from depression
… when you are being bullied or harassed at work

Solmuja parisuhteessa® -couples and -group counseling:

… when your partner seems distant
… when you seem to have nothing in common anymore
… when your communication seems to get stuck
… if you have thought about divorce

Rebuilding after divorce:

… when you are thinking about breakup/divorce
… when you broke up/got divorced
… when you are having hard times after breakup
… when you can’t move on after a breakup
… when you want to start making conscious decisions in your relationship

The requirement to the participation for all the consultations is non-existence of present dependency of drugs and mental disorders. Participants should be willing to get involved and to engage for a continuous participation.

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