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The balance of the mind can be disturbed by a variety of external and internal factors. Long-term stress or illness, life-changing situations, age or relationship crises, or divorce can disturb even the most stable foundations.

I support you in these situations as an individual counsellor, couples counsellor, divorce group counsellor and relaxation coach.

Individual counselling:

  • when you are having trouble coping with personal conflicts and crises e.g. relationship crisis, midlife-crisis, divorce
  • when you suffer from anxiety
  • when you suffer from depression
  • when you are being bullied or harassed at work

Couples counselling:

  • when your partner seems distant
  • when you seem to have nothing in common anymore
  • when your communication seems to get stuck
  • if you have thought about divorce

Divorce recovery support group:

  • when you are thinking about breakup/divorce
  • when you broke up/got divorced
  • when you are having hard times after a breakup
  • when you feel you can’t move on after a divorce
  • when you want to start making conscious decisions in your next relationship

Relaxation training:

Personal relaxation coaching

  • when stress is weighing on your mind
  • when you feel anxious
  • when you need to prepare for an event (e.g. a presentation, interview or exam) where you are feeling insecure
  • when you are in a constant state of tension
  • when you want to improve your results
  • when you want to get rid of fear

Group relaxation coaching, e.g. for work communities or teams

  • as a programme for a work outing
  • to promote employee well-being at workplace

The requirement to the participation for all the consultations is non-existence of present dependency of drugs and mental disorders. Participants should be willing to get involved and to engage for a continuous participation.